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Held Hostage by Ken Cooper

WIN from WITHIN by Ken Cooper




WIN from WITHIN is Ken's newest release.  Published in May 2016, Ken's new book describes how his spirit was set free: he's a winner over Stage IV lung cancer, a deadly addiction and a bloody prison.

From the back cover:


Secrets to winning that made champions of Bobby Jones and Mark Twain came alive for Ken Cooper at The Rock, a deathtrap of a prison, through a golf pro, a humorist and a chain gang philosopher!  When the author, who was sentenced to die there, asked them their secret to living a positive upbeat life in hell, the golfer said it was as easy as gripping a golf club but as hard as shaping a golf shot.  The humorist: Give up golf in prison and it will seem like heaven.  The philosopher: With the proper worldview, your inner being can win anywhere!

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