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FREE! by Ken Cooper

FREE! by Ken Cooper


Ken's follow-up book to Held Hostage was just released this year.  In it, Ken tells his continuing story after his release from prison.


From the back cover:


The serial criminal faced dark life-storms...thunderheads of rejection, inner confusion and fear.  He couldn't see that a glorious silver lining framed each ominous cloud.


Branded for life as the mysterious "Gentleman Bank Robber," God sent Ken a life-mate who helped him keep his eye on the sky beyond the storms:


Again June tried to brighten things up. "Clyde, I don't mind being your Bonnie."


"I know you're with me; I just want to handle the stigma better."


June put her arms around me.  "Consider this, Mr. Bank Robber.  It may simply be God's purpose for your life.  He wants people to know He can change anybody and help him find his purpose in life."

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