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Held Hostage by Ken Cooper

HELD HOSTAGE by Ken Cooper


Ken's first book, Held Hostage, tells the story of life up to and through his days of living a double life.


He was a husband, a father and an esteemed community man.




From the back cover:


To his friends and family, Ken Cooper was the epitome of the perfect citizen: he was devoted to his wife and kids, loved by all, and had a high-profile job for a well-known Christian college.


Yet beneath this polished exterior lurked a man haunted by a broken past and fueled by a dangerous addiction.  This man was known to the newspapers and public as the armed and mysterious "gentleman bank robber."


With raw authenticity, Ken bares all--from his tragic past to his time in one of Florida's most notorious prisons--in this unforgettable story on one man's miraculous redemption.

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